Online Bulgarian courses

Learn Bulgarian from your
home while exploring Bulgaria‘s fascinating culture and language!

Our online or distant learning courses are delivered in real time by one of our experienced and passionate teachers. The online courses resemble our face-to-face courses, while taking into consideration the time students spend in front of the monitor. In each one of our online Bulgarian language courses our students get personal attention and benefit from the supportive approach of the teacher. We believe that learning thrives in environments where the student is seen as an active partner in the classroom and is treated with respect and a positive attitude.

Bulgarian lessons online

We try to keep the classes diverse and fun through games, role play, visual and audio aids, creative activities, and lots of speaking and collaboration between students. natural and accurate pronunciation as well.

With online courses, small groups are extremely important – our class size is 4-8 people, which allows us to better manage the needs of each student.
We provide additional materials and assignments – students have access to videos, extra exercises, tests, quizzes, and audio recordings throughout the online course.

A very important and distinctive part of the online Bulgarian courses at Edno School is the Individual language consultations. One day per week each student can book a free 20-minute session with one of our teachers and ask any question regarding the material from the course. This way we make sure that no one is left behind.

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