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Join the challenge and become a confident user of Bulgarian in one year!
Feel proud of the progress you have made with only a few minutes of learning a day.
Enjoy learning with authentic and engaging content.
Have a whole team of teachers to accompany you on your Bulgarian language journey.
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What is Bulgarian 365?

It is an efficient learning pathway that provides clear structure, increasing difficulty, authentic content, diversity of exercises and tasks, a supportive community of peer learners and gamification.

It is an online learning tool that can be used as an additional resource for learning Bulgarian or as the main source.

Who is Bulgarian 365 for?

The Challenge Bulgarian 365 is for learners at beginner’s level who can read in Bulgarian and have some basic understanding of the language.

If you wish to join but you are a complete beginner with zero Bulgarian, then you will need to take our Basic Bulgarian Course – Level 0.

If you wish to join but your level is too advanced, you may like our zaEdno Bulgarian Podcast.

How does Bulgarian 365 work?

The learning content is organized in 12 months.
Each month has either 4 or 5 weeks.
Each week has 7 days.
Each day has a specific task/ resource:

Day 1: Overview/ Revision of the material

Day 2: Focus on new vocabulary

Day 3: Focus on new grammar

Day 4: Reading comprehension

Day 5: Listening comprehension

Day 6: Culture bites (Bulgarian culture, trivia, traditions, slang, etc.)

Day 7: Radio Drama / Something just for fun

The moment you join the challenge you unlock Day 1. Then every single day a new task will be unlocked. You cannot do the tasks in advance. You can repeat past tasks as many times as you like.

This is the core of our free learning program. Gradually, we will be introducing the following:

  • Community of peer learners
  • Awards, points, challenges and achievements
  • Individual learning packs
  • Webinars
  • Speaking clubs
  • Printable / Printed learning materials