Are you looking for a rewarding job in Bulgaria?

Our partner, TELUS International Bulgaria, is looking for you!

At Edno School we take pride in serving as a bridge between newcomers in Bulgaria and local communities. We have organized several networking events and volunteering initiatives and we are determined to take this to a whole new level. Our ultimate goal is to help people integrate in Bulgaria – both through learning Bulgarian and being active members of society.

Do you need to know Bulgarian in order to find a good job in Bulgaria?

A lot of our students relocate to Bulgaria before they have secured a job. And a lot of them believe that they need to be fluent in Bulgarian to get a decent job. The truth is that, in most cases, the languages they are already fluent in are more than enough for them to get a great job.

TELUS International Bulgaria is a good example – the company offers various positions with over 50 languages and they provide in-depth training for each specific role. The flexibility they offer is ideal for anyone who is still adapting to a new lifestyle – you can get a 4-, 6- or 8-hour contract, home office and over 40 social benefits that can make your life in Bulgaria so much easier. Another great advantage is the fact that TELUS International Bulgaria offers many growth opportunities and their offices are located in the two most dynamic cities in Bulgaria – Sofia and Plovdiv.

Have a flying start with TELUS International Bulgaria

We are very proud about the partnership between TELUS International Bulgaria and Edno School because we share one very important belief: anyone can succeed if they have the right guidance and they have passion for growth.

Learn more about TELUS International Bulgaria job opportunities and open positions at: Edno School will be happy to support you through your application process. Connect with us at