Bulgarian language courses at Edno School

We can honestly say we love teaching Bulgarian! We get our inspiration from you, our wonderful students. We have been studying your language needs and preferences since 2015. This vast experience enabled us to design practical, useful and engaging courses and materials that will make your journey into the language and culture of Bulgaria more pleasant and satisfying.

We admire your enthusiasm to learn Bulgarian and we’d do all we can to help you succeed!

Our Bulgarian language courses

Self-paced Video Courses for Bulgarian Language

Check out our high quality Bulgarian video courses or listen for free to our authentic Bulgarian podcast.

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Lessons and courses with Bulgarian teacher online and in Sofia

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General Courses

Learn Bulgarian in Sofia – all courses and levels

If you live in Sofia, we would love to have you in the physical classroom! Our classes are practical, interactive and engaging. Our regular meetings and events will help you get out of your Bulgarian comfort zone in no time!

Learn Bulgarian Online

Our fun, practical courses are delivered in real time, in a small group by one of our experienced teachers. It has never been easier to learn Bulgarian from any place in the world and the comfort of your home.

Bulgarian language blended courses

Learning Bulgarian online and face-to-face both have great advantages. Our Blended courses offer the best of both worlds – save time travelling and meet your classmates for regular speaking practice.

Bulgarian speaking courses

Speaking clearly and fluently is probably the most challenging skill to develop while learning Bulgarian. Our short speaking courses are designed to expand your comfort zone when it comes to speaking and to help you feel more confident using Bulgarian.

Intensive Bulgarian language courses

Improve your Bulgarian in a month by joining one of our short immersive courses. Study Bulgarian 5 days a week while exploring the local culture and having lots of fun!

Individual lessons in Bulgarian language

If you are looking for a private tutor to help you achieve your Bulgarian language goals, Edno School’s teachers are there for you. You can book a free trial lesson to meet your teacher and make a learning plan.

Specialized courses

Bulgarian language for children & teens

Edno School offers tailor-made courses for children and teenagers. Our flexibility and experience allow us to meet your child’s needs.

Bulgarian language courses for medical students

Being a medical student in Bulgaria comes with the requirement to speak to Bulgarian patients. Edno School offers tailor-made courses that help with basic medical terminology, taking anamneses, and preparing for Bulgarian language exams.

Bulgarian language courses for corporate clients

Edno School offers tailor-made courses for companies who have international employees. Offering a Bulgarian language course as a social benefit significantly helps the effects of culture shock and speeds the process of adaptation and belonging.

Tailor-made courses

Our flexibility, experience and enthusiasm allow us to offer courses or levels that are not listed here. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Seasonal courses

Bulgarian language & Culture Summer School

Make your summer holidays unforgettable by learning Bulgarian and having lots of fun! Our summer program offers a holistic and immersive approach towards learning Bulgarian. Speak, cook, write, sing, travel, read, dance, explore and create!

Bulgarian language Easter courses

Make the most of your Easter break by learning Bulgarian! Explore not only the language, but also the local peculiar traditions around Easter.

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