Speaking Bulgarian courses

Polish your speaking skills and get more confident with our short speaking courses!

If you want to be able to speak Bulgarian in a more natural and confident way, you may want to try our Speaking Bulgarian language course. This type of course is designed to enable students to express themselves more fluently, confidently and accurately according to their language level.
The speaking course allows students to use Bulgarian in a safe and fun environment. It provides extra practice on common topics through games, creative tasks, discussions, debates and role play. There is a clear focus on natural and accurate pronunciation as well.

Edno School Intensive Bulgarian Courses

The speaking Bulgarian course can serve as a diagnostic tool for what the students need to work on. Even though there are no formal grammar sessions and presentations, there are explanations and speaking exercises related to grammatical accuracy. In terms of vocabulary, students will be exposed to both familiar and new lexical items, phrases, idioms and register.

The main priority of the speaking course is to increase students’ confidence when using the language.
This type of courses is suitable for students, who have completed A1.1 level or higher. It is not recommended for complete beginners.

This course at a glance:

One or Two-week courses

Lots of games, discussions, debates, creative tasks & role-play

No formal grammar sessions

Significant speaking improvement

Face-to-face & online courses

Small class size (4-10 people)

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