Blended Bulgarian courses

face-2-face & online

Learn Bulgarian online in the comfort of your home, and meet, socialize, and collaborate with
your classmates. You can make the best of both worlds!

At Edno School we value your time, resources and need for being among your fellow students. This inspired us to create a course that is mostly taught online but also offers regular face-to-face activities and workshops. Any course can be delivered as a blended course as long as there are enough people enrolled.

The weekly face-to-face sessions can take place on any day of the week and can have different duration depending on the level, course type and student interests. These will be announced at the beginning of your blended Bulgarian course. The face-to-face classes will take place in Sofia. However, if there is a bigger group of participants in the same region in Bulgaria, it is possible that Edno School can do some speaking sessions there.

Structure of the online (distance learning) part of the blended Bulgarian course:

Short revision of previous important language aspects

Introduction to new topic

Structured practice of new language

Clarification of new language

Speaking and freer production of the new language through games, activities and discussions

Follow up task – homework/ individual assignment

Structure of the face-to-face part of the blended Bulgarian course:

A warm-up speaking activity

Introduction to task

Revision of language needed for that task (already taught and exercised in the online sessions)

Completion of task through speaking Bulgarian and student collaboration

Analyzing outcomes and target language

Follow up task – homework/ individual assignment

This course at a glance:

Learn Bulgarian online and meet your classmates on regular basis

Save time from travelling

Flexible and fun classes

Pre-recorded language sessions

Weekly individual language consultations

Small groups (4-8 people)

Online learning tools & materials

Option to run face-to-face speaking sessions all around Bulgaria

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Standard Courses

Specialized Courses

Seasonal Courses