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Basic Bulgarian Course – Level 0

It is great that you want to learn Bulgarian! We put all of our experience, knowledge and passion into creating an easy-to-follow, engaging and efficient course that will not only make learning fun but also help you build confidence in our own abilities to learn.

This course was designed for you with your needs and challenges in mind. It is meant to be your first guide to learning Bulgarian. It was designed to help you succeed. 

This course is for you if you:

  • are an absolute beginner of Bulgarian with no previous knowledge
  • are planning a trip to Bulgaria and you want to feel prepared
  • are planning on joining a Level 1 course at Edno School and you cannot read in Bulgarian yet

What will you be able to do after completing the course:

  • Read in Bulgarian with confidence
  • Introduce yourself in Bulgarian in an authentic manner
  • Greet people appropriately in Bulgarian
  • Recognize and use the most frequent Bulgarian everyday phrases and words
  • Ask the most common everyday questions in Bulgarian
  • Count to 10 in Bulgarian
  • Better understand Bulgarians and the local culture

Course specifications:

  • 26 bite-sized high-quality video lessons (over 80 minutes in total)
  • Downloadable and printable handouts
  • Bonus lessons with additional more advanced material
  • A wide variety of quizzes and exercises
  • 180 days of access

At Edno School we admire your enthusiasm to learn Bulgarian and we will do anything we can to help you succeed!