At Edno School we do our best to get to know each student and his or her learning needs and style. The majority of our courses and lessons are guided by the principles of the Communicative Method. Its main characteristic is that learners are encouraged to use the target language in a meaningful situation, simulating real-life experiences. We use different lesson types, formats, tools, approaches and anything that can help our students learn effectively and with pleasure. Here are the principles that guide us when planning and teaching your Bulgarian language classes:

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers truly love what they do. They all have the training, knowledge and support to deliver high-quality lessons and lead you to your success in learning Bulgarian and understanding the local culture..

Flexible Approach

Our teachers apply contemporary language teaching techniques in the classroom. Each group of students determines the pace and the approach that will be used. We are open to any methods, approaches or tools that are effective.


We see our students as partners in the classroom – to each other and to the teacher. Good work dynamics between the students and lots of collaboration create a safe and friendly environment where speaking and learning becomes easy.

Diversity in Courses and Levels

We offer a wide range of courses and lessons both face-to-face and online. We have developed our own courses and course materials for levels A0 to B2. For levels C1 and C2 we offer tailor-made courses or individual lessons.

Learning Materials

We work very hard to provide structured course material that corresponds to our students’ needs. We keep improving them and implementing new ideas. We have started working on a database of online materials and resources.

Small Groups

We prefer to keep our groups small (4-8 people) for the general Bulgarian courses. This way we ensure that every student’s learning needs will be taken into consideration. Group work is very important in all of our courses.

Personalized Student-Centered Lessons

We have a plan of what and when to teach. However, our students’ learning interests, needs and language abilities always take priority. We also plan a variety of activities in each class so students can learn in their preferred style.

Focus on Speaking

We try to allow plenty of speaking time in each class. We put a lot of effort to create a safe and supportive learning environment so every one of our students feels free to speak Bulgarian from day one.

Language and Cultural Input

We believe that it is best to link the Bulgarian language and culture whenever possible. This includes music, slang, different regions, historical events, literature and anything that helps our students understand the context better.

Cultural Events

As a part of our students’ training we organize monthly cultural events. Usually, these are connected to national holidays happening in that month. Here are some examples: a traditional Bulgarian Christmas dinner, a visit to the Rose Picking Festival in Kazanlak and Easter egg painting. These events can also be Bulgarian film nights, lessons in Bulgarian folk dance, arts and crafts workshops, Bulgarian cooking lessons and many others.