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Learn Bulgarian through authentic and inspiring interviews and conversations.

About the podcast

Why did we create this podcast?

At Edno School we have worked with learners of Bulgarian from all learning levels. We noticed that many of our students find it challenging to find resources to keep learning and they often feel as if they are not making progress once they reach intermediate level. We created zaEdno Bulgarian Podcast to help intermediate and above learners maintain their level of Bulgarian and continue learning in an engaging way by getting regular exposure to authentic language.

The goals of this podcast are to:

– provide learners with authentic & contemporary Bulgarian recorded dialogues and interviews in order to increase their familiarity and confidence with the language

– enable learners to improve their understanding of natural native speech by using specially designed exercises and tasks (called Guided Listening)

– provide opportunities for cultural, social and language exploration

Our podcast is currently tailored to the needs of Intermediate and above learners of Bulgarian.

Podcast Structure

zaEdno Bulgarian Podcast is a podcast for learners of Bulgarian that contains authentic interviews, dialogues and conversations of native or proficient speakers of Bulgarian including different dialects and ways of speaking. Each episode is edited to match the level of the learners as much as possible, starting at Intermediate level. Each episode is 5 to 20 minutes long, allowing learners to listen to it multiple times.

The episodes are not connected and you can listen to them in any order you like. Some episodes are broken down into separate parts.

For each episode, we have prepared what we call Guided listening – a set of listening comprehension and vocabulary tasks specially designed to help the learner better understand the content and expand their vocabulary.

There is a script of the whole episode provided as well.