Lessons Planning & Structure

Do we only speak Bulgarian in class?

This is a question we often get asked and the answer is “NO”. We do use English in the lower levels or when someone needs to hear and understand something explained precisely. We CAN only speak Bulgarian in class; however, most people in the A1 levels are usually uncomfortable with that. Our goal is to create a positive association with learning and speaking Bulgarian and not cause any unnecessary stress and frustration.

With individual lessons where the teacher knows the native language of the student, she may use it to make comparisons or distinctions between the two languages.

Our goal is to use less and less English in the classes, starting from A1.1 level. By the end of it, 90% or more of the lesson could be delivered only in Bulgarian, depending on the group, of course.

We organize a lot of different events, where students are encouraged to speak only Bulgarian if they feel like it.

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Lesson planning & Lesson structure

For each one of your lessons, we follow these steps:

Before the lesson

First, the teacher gets familiar with the individuals in the group and tries to select and adjust the topics in a way that is meaningful to everyone.

When planning the lesson, the teacher takes into account the language abilities and pace of everyone in the group and adjusts the intended material to deliver a lesson that is well-paced for everyone.

We try to prepare fun, engaging and creative activities in the lessons in order to provide an opportunity for the learners to use the new language freely and with joy.

During the lesson

We try to start each session with something relaxing, fun, engaging and comfortable, so our students can smoothly make the transition to the Bulgarian classroom. These activities often include some revision from previous lessons.
Then we introduce the new topic and the new language.

There are several types of tasks and interaction patterns in every lesson – sometimes students work as a class, alone, in pairs, or in smaller groups. Each one of these approaches and task allows the students to work on the new language and learn most of it in class.

At the end of the lesson, there is usually a game, a creative or communicative task, in which students are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in Bulgarian.

After the lesson

The teacher reevaluates the course plan based on how students felt during the lesson and what difficulties they had. She may create some additional materials to support the group or individual learners.