1-2-1 Bulgarian language lessons

Too busy for a regular or intensive course in Bulgarian? We will prepare an individual learning program for you!

We are well aware that sometimes our students cannot commit to group classes for various reasons. We want to provide the opportunity for them to learn Bulgarian language at their own pace.
Our 1-2-1 lessons are extremely flexible because you can choose:

  • the days and times for classes;
  • the length and frequency of the sessions; and
  • the topics of the classes.provides extra practice on common topics through games, creative tasks, discussions, debates and role play. There is a clear focus on natural and accurate pronunciation as well.
The group classes usually advance at somewhat middle-pace – there might be students who would be able to go faster and students who need more time in order to get comfortable with the material. The 1-2-1 Bulgarian language lessons offer the “perfect” pace.
Please read our guidelines for taking 1-2-1 lessons in Bulgarian at Edno School:

You are entitled to one free trial lesson. It will help us determine your learning style, needs and preferences.

You are advised to set a certain period of time in which to take 1-2-1 lessons. It is essential that your learning has structure and you get a feeling of completion and advancement. Most of our students who take 1-2-1 lessons set a 2-month period for 15-20 hours, delivered twice a week. Then we recommend our students to take a break and/or join a group course.

Like any other form of learning at Edno School, the 1-2-1 Bulgarian lessons require your participation and dedication. Please, plan your time in such a way that you do not skip classes often and have enough time to work on your individual tasks and assignments as well as practice outside the classroom.

The 1-2-1 lessons are great for achieving specific goals. If you want to learn Bulgarian solely through individual lessons, it will be extremely insufficient. In order to master a language, you need a lot of exposure to spoken Bulgarian, hearing different accents, working on various tasks. This is why we recommend setting specific learning goals with the 1-2-1 lessons and re-evaluating them frequently.

You can cancel your class free of charge up to 24 hours before the class. Cancellations up to 12 hours prior to the class will result in 50% charge of your class fee. And if you cancel your class 12 hours or less before the start of the class, we will charge 100% of the class fee.

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