Upcoming Courses

Below you will see a list of our current and upcoming courses. If you want to enroll in a course, get more information or if the course you are interested in is not yet included in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form on the bottom of the page. It is also possible for us to open a new group based on your demands and needs.

September  – December 2022

Edno School offers:

  • Short face-to-face Bulgarian courses for complete beginners in Sofia
  • Online courses for all levels
  • Face-to-face courses for beginner levels
Bulgarian Lessons - January 23
Bulgarian language courses - Nov '22 - Jan 23

This is what you can expect in every one of our courses:
• Personal and supportive approach by your teacher – we believe that learning thrives in environments, where the student is seen as an active partner in the classroom;
• Diverse and fun classes – games, role play, visual and audio aids, creative activities, and lots of speaking are an important part of your online lessons;
• Small groups – our class size is 4-8 people, which allows us to better manage the needs of each student;
• Additional materials and assignments – you have access to videos, extra exercises, tests, audio recordings throughout your online course;
• Individual language consultations – free 20-minute sessions with one of our teachers in case you need extra support or you have missed a few classes
• Extra speaking sessions – join our weekly casual speaking sessions for A2 level and practice speaking Bulgarian in an informal environment for free.

Not sure what the levels at Edno School mean?

Bulgarian language levels at Edno School

Interested in one of our upcoming courses?

In the form below please select the upcoming course you are interested in. If would like to participate in a course that is not listed below (i.e. private lessons, online lessons etc.) or if the time for the course you would like to join is not suitable please fill in the form and let us know what would be suitable for you. At Edno School we plan new courses frequently to match our students needs and we may be able to serve your special requirements.

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