Alexis, France

Learning Bulgarian with Edno school has been a great experience for me. The course focuses on practical topics and involves a lot of oral communication, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to this course, some work at home and a bit of practice in Sofia, I am now able to handle basic conversations with local people, which makes my everyday life much easier and more enjoyable. I highly recommend Edno school to whomever wants to learn Bulgarian in Sofia!

Alice, England

It has been a really positive and inclusive experience, not just for learning this marvellous language and getting fascinating insights into Bulgarian life and culture, but also for making new friends and contacts in a place that is starting to feel like home.
I have been made to feel so included and welcome and supported and I really loved the games night held by Ellie and Yoana.

Jeff, England

I have tried Bulgarian twice before and have not enjoyed it as much as this. One good thing I like is that they have social nights where anyone can go and have a good time.

Susan, Syria

I feel lucky that I got to study in Edno school, the environment is very friendly and welcoming and the teacher never made us feel frustrated, everything was so easy to learn and she really knew how to deliver the ideas into our minds.

Isadora, Brazil

Every time I see somebody asking for help to learn Bulgarian, I highly recommend Edno School. I cannot think about anything to complain or to say ‘this wasn’t great’ because, seriously, the whole time I was studying Bulgarian was very joyful – when I was feeling insecure or not so in the same rhythm, I could have access to the teachers and explain my feelings, my doubts, ask to go slower because I’ve never tried Cyrillic before, and both of them were very attentive, careful and kind. I can only be grateful to have the opportunity to learn a bit with such caring people, including Ellie, she was very attentive and patient with my needs. I felt the whole time very motivated to continue and I’m very satisfied with the course. I only have compliments 🙂

Timor, Israel

I loved my experience in Edno school. The teaching is engaging and productive while the environment is very social and pleasant. Also, the school offers all kinds of different social-cultural events once in a while that are fun and let you practice Bulgarian. Highly recommended.

Ola, Poland

In total I went through 4 courses with Endo. I had 3 different teachers and it’s hard to count how many new people I met thanks to it. I’ve learned a lot and each course was an amazing experience – especially the last one, which we had during the lock down – obviously online. During these odd times the BG lessons were the highlights of my day. I’m pretty sure the 4th course is not my last one with Edno.

Priya, India

The interactive sessions with loads of practice and fun activities and games allows one to retain interest throughout the long sessions. The teachers are extremely patient, willing to go over your problems as many times as required and make sure that you have understood and assimilated all.
It’s an awesome place to hang out and absorb the language and culture.. if you are in Sofia and want to learn Bulgarian.. Edno school is the place to go to..

Odhrán, Ireland

Professionally run with high quality, enthusiastic and friendly teachers. I am almost finished the A1 course and highly recommend Edno to anyone looking to learn Bulgarian.

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