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Edno School is a language and cultural center, specializing in developing and delivering courses in Bulgarian language and culture. It was founded with a passion for teaching and a love for Bulgaria, its culture and language. The name ‘Edno’ means ‘one’. It stands for one place that welcomes people from all over the world. It is also one of the first words people learn in Bulgarian.

We have had the pleasure to work with more than 600 students, coming from 90+ countries, aged 4 to 70. We like to think that each and every one of our students is a part of our ever-growing Bulgarian family.

Edno School offers face-to-face courses in Sofia and online courses.

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Every day we give our best to help you learn Bulgarian with pleasure as you explore the local culture and traditions and ultimately, you feel at home.


To be the first language and cultural center in Bulgaria to establish high standards in teaching and learning Bulgarian as a foreign language through profound understanding of our subject matter and applying contemporary teaching methodology.



LOVE FOR WHAT WE DO – passionate teachers inspire others and make a difference in the classroom and in the world

MOTIVATION & DETERMINATION – hard work makes us a little bit better every single day

FLEXIBILITY & ADAPTABILITY – we will keep exploring new approaches to teaching and learning so we can better meet the needs of our students, because no single method is better than a great teacher

RESPECT & ACCEPTANCE – Edno School is a place where anyone is welcome and everyone should feel safe to be themselves

TEAMWORK – teachers and students are partners in the process of learning; each class is a team, where members help each other

LIFELONG LEARNING – both staff members and students can benefit from our multicultural diverse environment and continue learning at any age and stage of life