The Team


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
Ryunosuke Satoro

Edno School Team
Edno School Ellie

Ellie Zareva-Hristova

School Founder

I fell in love with teaching in 2009. I believe I have found my vocation and I feel truly fulfilled when working with people. In 2015, I started working on a beginner’s course in Bulgarian as a foreign language. Every step since has been quite an adventure! The more I learn about our beautiful language and culture, the more I feel proud to be Bulgarian. It has become my personal mission to spread this love as well as the love for learning. Edno School has challenged me, thrilled me, taught me, rewarded me and pushed me beyond my own limits more than any other thing in my life! I am truly grateful to be living my dream of creating a special place where learning can thrive, a place where we all learn and develop ourselves by being a part of something worthy. None of this would be possible without this wonderful, creative, open-minded, curious, loving and caring team.

Maria Dimitrova

Office Assistant

Hello! I am Mia – a curious mind and an enthusiast. People and their stories inspire, startle and surprise me. That gives me the urge to know and understand myself and life better. I am interested in everything that is fresh, genuine and rings a bell in my soul. I write, read, learn, teach, etc. and like to think I do it all with passion. Edno School is already opening my eyes to hidden treasures of my own culture and roots. We often take those for granted.

Edno School Maria
Edno School Ellie

Bilyana Todorova


My name is Bilyana, I was born in Varna and I have been living in Sofia since 2012. I speak Bulgarian, English, a little Russian and a little German, which I am currently trying to improve. I have three cats and three professions: I am a teacher, a musician and an actress. My love for the Bulgarian language is in the core of all three of them. And I hope that through teaching, I will be able to pass this love forward.

Antoniya Icheva


I am Antonia and I have been a Bulgarian language teacher at Edno School since 2018. I have a degree in Bulgarian philology and European studies from Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”. I believe that teachers have the creative power to build and change worlds – this is why I have chosen this profession. My favorite aspect of teaching Bulgarian is that I can analyze and learn new things about my native language, as well as the languages and cultures of my students. This enriches my worldview every day.
Besides teaching, I love travelling and being in nature, cinema and photography. I take great interest in exploring languages, reading and writing for pleasure. I love learning new things.

Edno School Ellie
Edno School Ellie

Velina Babacheva


I am Velina and I am in that stage in life where I am exploring all of my interests. One of them certainly needs no further exploration – it is the Bulgarian language. I have always had a special attitude toward our language – it is one of the few things that excites me greatly and makes me give my best. Another one of my passions is communicating with people – it makes me feel motivated and fulfilled. Luckily, the teaching profession enables me to turn these two hobbies into a way of living. In my leisure time, I love getting creative by making beautiful things such as cards, clothes and jewelry, and I never fail to listen to good music.

Lyuboslava Hristova


Hi! I’m Lucy! I’m a teacher by day, an arts and culture student by night.
I became a Bulgarian language teacher so that I can share my love for my language with enthusiasts from all over the world.
The best thing about being a teacher for me is the “Aha!” moment when a difficult part of the language becomes a piece of cake, and also the smiles on my students’ faces when they actually have fun during a game I have been planning all night. I enjoy digging deeper into the culture and the mindset behind the language with the help of my students, who always provide fresh new looks and unexpected discoveries.
I am a culture vulture wannabe, a Ravenclaw by test and a Gryffindor by heart, a Korean language enthusiast, a cat lover and a coffee addict. My favorite Bulgarian word is “вдъхновение“. What’s yours?

Edno School Ellie
Edno School Stefani

Stefani Stefanova


I’m Stefani. I’ve been studying ancient languages for years and they’ve helped me a lot to understand the modern languages better. I love travelling and I believe language is the key to new cultures, people and experiences. Recently I found a new way of learning – by teaching. I think it’s a mutual process and I find that beautiful!